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GAM Star Growth C GBP Acc

Rang 482 von 751 in - Aktien - Global über 12 Monate
All calculations are in EUR unless stated

Verwaltet von

Charles Hepworth

Charles Hepworth works at GAM Holding AG where he runs mixed asset and equity strategies. Before joining GAM in 2012, he worked at Quilter Cheviot for 18 years, at Albert E Sharp for two years (1992-1994) and at SG Warburg for one year. The GAM Star Growth fund under his management is a multi-asset strategy so it seeks investments in all assets classes, other funds and in all capitalisation sectors. Charles holds a bachelor of science in biotechnology from Leeds University. He is also a CAIA charterholder, CFA and CISI.

James McDaid

James McDaid is an investment manager and a member of the Multi Asset Class Solutions (MACS) Investment Team at GAM. He is responsible for developing and managing outsourcing solutions for UK independent financial advisers within GAM’s discretionary fund management service. Prior to joining GAM in May 2012, he was an investment manager at Quilter Cheviot, managing private client portfolios and client relationships. He started at Quilter as an assistant fund manager in 2001, focusing on Asia-Pacific and Japanese equity markets. He began his career as a dealer at TD Waterhouse Investor Services. James McDaid is a CFA and CAIA charterholder, a Chartered Wealth Manager and holds a BA in Accountancy and Finance.


The investment objective of the Fund is to achieve long term capital growth. The Fund aims to achieve this investment objective primarily through investment in open-ended collective investment schemes which provide exposure to equities, Fixed Income Securities, property, commodities and currencies. It is intended that the Fund will maintain a bias towards growth and may invest up to 100% of net assets in equities.


Aktien - Global über : 31.10.2016 - 31.10.2017
  • Rangfolge 482/751 Gesamtertrag
  • Rangfolge 148/751 Standardabweichung
  • Rangfolge 417/751 Maximaler Verlust
Fondsname Currency Rendite
480 SLI Glo SICAV Global Equities A USD EUR


481 DWS Top Dynamic EUR


482 GAM Star Growth C GBP Acc EUR


483 R1 Value Portfolio EUR


484 AL Trust Chance EUR


Fondsname Currency Verlust
417 GAM Star Growth C GBP Acc EUR


417 Equity for Life I EUR


417 UniGlobal -net- EUR



Auf das Jahr Quartalsperformance

bis 29.09.2017 Jährlich Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
2017 4,3% -0,7% 1,8%
2016 -6,8% -8,5% -2,7% 1,8% 2,9%
2015 7,4% 14,3% -0,5% -10,5% 5,4%
2014 7,7% -0,1% 3,1% 2,6% 1,9%
2013 16,1% 6,2% -1,7% 5,3% 5,7%

Monatliche Performance

Rendite vs Risiko

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  1. Deutschland
  2. Irland
  3. Luxemburg
  4. Schweiz
  5. Vereinigtes Königreich

Information über den Fonds

  • Starttermin31.10.2012
  • BasiswährungGBP
  • ISIN IE00B8F9FP72


  • Mindestanlage (initial)6.000
  • Mindest regelmäßige Zusatzinvestition0


  • Jährliche Verwaltungsgebühr1,50%
  • Ausgabeaufschlag5

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