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March International March Vini Catena I EUR Cap

Rang 4 von 12 in - Aktien - Basiskonsumgüter über 12 Monate
All calculations are in EUR unless stated

Verwaltet von

Antonio Lopez

Antonio Lopez is based in Madrid, where he is an equity fund manager at March Asset Management. He joined the firm in 2014 and prior to this, Antonio was an equity research analyst and head of Spanish midcaps at Exane BNP Paribas. He manages a number of funds using a value investment style. Antonio graduated from the IESE University of Navarra with an MA in Business Administration and the Universidad Complutense, San Pablo and CEU Madrid with a post-graduate degree in Business and Economics. He attended Ivey Business School at Western University, Toronto and the Columbia Business School, New York for programmes in Value Investing and Harvard Business School, Boston for a Focused Financial Management Programme. Outside of work Antonio enjoys chess, music and the theatre.

Francisco Javier Pérez Fernández

Francisco Javier Pérez Fernández was born in Leon, Spain in 1971. He graduated from the University of Complutense Madrid with a degree in economics. Francisco started his career in 1994 at Credit Lyonnais where he worked in retail banking. He joined Banco Banif in 1997 where he was a portfolio manager and also worked in equity trading. Francisco joined March Gestion in 2000 where he is a fund manager in global equities. He has been managing funds for over 10 years and is a Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA). Outside of fund management he enjoys walking, travelling, basketball, music and the cinema and theatre.


The aim of the fund is to provide investors with an opportunity to invest mainly in transferable securities listed or quoted in Europe, United States of America, and other countries, including emerging countries, focused in the wine and liquor industry, but extended to the "value chain" of the wine industry (distribution companies; wine cellars; producers; agricultural companies; auxiliary industry of wine). The fund also invests in fixed-income securities (bonds) and bank deposits in order to limit equity-risk.


Aktien - Basiskonsumgüter über : 30.06.2017 - 30.06.2018


Auf das Jahr Quartalsperformance

bis 30.06.2018 Jährlich Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
2018 -4,0% 2,8%
2017 16,2% 6,1% 2,4% 2,1% 4,8%
2016 6,8% -1,5% -0,9% 3,8% 5,5%
2015 11,4% 13,7% -0,9% -7,8% 7,3%
2014 4,5% 1,7% 2,5% -1,5% 1,8%
2013 13,0% 9,8% -2,5% 3,7% 1,8%
2012 12,4% 8,2% -2,9% 5,2% 1,6%
2011 -5,7% -2,3% 1,7% -9,1% 4,4%

Monatliche Performance

Rendite vs Risiko

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  3. Deutschland
  4. Luxemburg
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  6. Vereinigtes Königreich

Information über den Fonds

  • Starttermin15.12.2010
  • Größe der Anteilsklasse33Mn
  • BasiswährungEUR
  • ISIN LU0566417779


  • Mindestanlage (initial)100.000
  • Mindest regelmäßige Zusatzinvestition0


  • Jährliche Verwaltungsgebühr1,25%
  • Ausgabeaufschlag1,25%

Performance bezieht sich auf die gezeigte Laufzeit (Monatsende bis Monatsende, Angebotspreis/Angebotspreis, Brutto-Erträge reinvestiert, in angezeigter Währung/angezeigten Währungen berechnet)