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DJE - Concept 75 PA

Verwaltet von

Jens Ehrhardt

Dr Jens Ehrhardt has a passion for sailing. He has lived and worked in Munich for 30 years but is a native of the port city of Hamburg and sees himself as a follower of its seafaring traditions. Ehrhardt sees close parallels between his business and sailing activities. His experience in both fields has, he says, allowed him to hone his skills as both manager and captain, sometimes dealing with extreme conditions in both roles. He founded his own independent asset management company in 1974, and currently manages a number of funds for, amongst others, Union Bancaire Privée SA and DWS.


The fund primarily invests in equities of European issuers denominated in Euro, and/ or worldwide in all types of bonds (including convertible bonds and warrants). Up to 49% of assets can be invested in shares listed in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong or U.S. dollars. The funds can invest 100% in equities and 100% in bonds depending on market assessment of the fund management. Currency risk against the Euro can be secured. Shares of other funds can be purchased up to 10%. The fund can use financial instruments whose value depends on future prices of other assets (derivatives) to protect or increase the assets.

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