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Newton Global Income Sterling Inc

Rang 19 von 79 in - Aktien - Globale Dividenden über 12 Monate
All calculations are in EUR unless stated

Verwaltet von

Nick Clay

Nick Clay was born in 1969 in Bromley, United Kingdom. He obtained a BA Hons in Economics and Philosophy from Leeds University. With sixteen years of experience as a fund manager, Nick is a member of the UK Society of Investment Professionals. He began his career in 1991 at Sun Alliance Investment Management working as an investment analyst. In 1994, he joined Morley Fund Management and became head of UK equities life funds for six years. In 2000, Nick joined Newton Investment Management and is currently director of investment management specialist benchmarks and portfolio manager of the Newton Managed fund. He lists golf, tennis, rugby and cinema among his interests outside of fund management.


The objective of the Sub-Fund is to achieve increasing annual distributions together with long-term capital growth from investing predominantly in global securities. The Fund will: invest anywhere in the world; invest in company shares and similar investments; and invest in companies of all sizes (e.g. small, medium and large companies) and in any industry (e.g. pharmaceuticals, financials, etc).


Aktien - Globale Dividenden über : 31.12.2017 - 31.12.2018


Auf das Jahr Quartalsperformance

bis 31.12.2018 Jährlich Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
2018 -2,7% -4,9% 7,2% 4,4% -8,6%
2017 2,9% 4,1% -2,0% -1,5% 2,4%
2016 11,0% 0,5% 3,1% 2,3% 4,7%
2015 15,4% 14,1% -4,1% -4,2% 10,1%
2014 16,5% 1,5% 5,6% 4,7% 3,9%
2013 11,9% 7,6% -1,9% 2,1% 3,7%
2012 14,0% 4,6% 3,7% 7,3% -2,0%
2011 5,8% -1,7% 0,1% -2,9% 10,7%
2010 18,2% 4,7% 1,2% 2,3% 9,0%
2009 28,9% -6,2% 14,2% 10,1% 9,3%
2008 -36,6% -13,9% 3,2% -13,6% -17,4%
2007 8,9% 2,8% 8,0% -2,5% 0,7%
2006 19,0% 8,5% -3,7% 5,2% 8,2%

Monatliche Performance

Rendite vs Risiko




Top 10 Positionen

Aktien Größe
Cisco Systems Inc ORD 5,82%
CA Inc ORD 4,20%
Qualcomm Inc ORD 3,70%
Informa PLC ORD 3,30%
PepsiCo Inc ORD 3,20%
Diageo PLC ORD 3,18%
Maxim Integrated Products Inc ORD 2,98%
Ralph Lauren Corp ORD 2,93%
Infosys Ltd DR 2,90%
Novartis AG ORD 2,81%

Zum Verkauf zugelassen in

  1. Österreich
  2. Chile
  3. Deutschland
  4. Spanien
  5. Vereinigtes Königreich

Information über den Fonds

  • Starttermin30.11.2005
  • Größe der Anteilsklasse5.172Mn
  • BasiswährungGBX
  • ISIN GB00B0MY6T00


  • Mindestanlage (initial)100.000
  • Mindest regelmäßige Zusatzinvestition25.000


  • Jährliche Verwaltungsgebühr1,50%
  • Ausgabeaufschlag0,00%

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