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PARVEST Smart Food Classic Cap EUR

Rang 5 von 11 in - Aktien - Basiskonsumgüter über 12 Monate
All calculations are in EUR unless stated

Verwaltet von

Michael Landymore

Michael Landymore is a Senior Portfolio Manager and Director at Impax Asset Management. Michael is responsible for the Food and Agriculture Strategy. He is focused on industry analysis, stock screening, company analysis and portfolio construction. Michael has been advising investors and companies in the food and beverage industry since 1982. He was part of the highly rated food equity analysts team at Investec Securities/Henderson Crosthwaite, subsequently with Rabobank corporate finance, and most recently the manager of the Léman Focus Global Food & Agriculture Fund at Helvetica Wealth Management Partners in Geneva. Michael has a degree in Economics from King's College, Cambridge, and is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Securities and Investments Institute, London.


At all times, this sub-fund invests at least 75% of its assets in equities and/or equity equivalent securities issued by companies that conduct a significant proportion of their business in the food supply chain and related or connected sectors with sustainable activities and processes, respecting the principles of social and environmental responsibility, ensuring corporate governance quality and avoiding controversies and breaches as set out in the United Nations Global Compact.


Aktien - Basiskonsumgüter über : 30.09.2017 - 30.09.2018


Auf das Jahr Quartalsperformance

bis 30.09.2018 Jährlich Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
2018 -7,2% 3,2% 2,6%
2017 6,7% 2,0% 0,7% -1,3% 5,4%
2016 10,2% 1,7% 1,5% 4,6% 2,1%
2015 -8,3% 4,8%

Monatliche Performance

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Information über den Fonds

  • Starttermin15.04.2015
  • Größe der Anteilsklasse139Mn
  • BasiswährungEUR
  • ISIN LU1165137149


  • Mindestanlage (initial)0
  • Mindest regelmäßige Zusatzinvestition0


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